After the Ring: A Middle Earth Chronicle

Elves & Spiders (Act II)

Angmar's Crown: Session VII

Having crossed into the Bight Swamp of MIrkwood, the adventurers are immediately met by two of the grandchildren of King Khalduin, Lord of the Bight. After convincing the elves that they have information as to the whereabouts of Prince bin Khalduin, they are led to an audience with King Khalduin, who is weary of his guests, but nevertheless allows them to stay.

During the following day and evening, the adventurers begin interviewing King Khalduin’s grandchildren in the hope of finding out who killed Lilith and Drusilla’s sister. After receiving conflicting stories, the adventurers resolve that they must either side with the elves of the Bight in an all-out war against the Anasasi, or somehow convince King Khalduin of his son’s guilt.

Returning to their cottage high in the swamp willows, they are met by Superbia, who tearfully recounts to the PCs a plot by her brothers and sisters to have bin Khalduin killed and to seize the throne of the Bight for themselves. Tailing Superbia back to her home, the Gladrieolas thwarts what appears to be an attempt by Luxuria and Invidia to murder Superbia. Gladrieolas narrowly escapes a plummeting death from the high willows, while Minto manages to wound Invidia – and gain her ire.

The adventure ends with Luxuria and Invidia escaping with a prone Superbia into the darkness, and the PCs now faced with a new crisis.



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