After the Ring: A Middle Earth Chronicle

Big Trouble in Little Schlaffenberg (Act I)

Angmar's Crown: Session IX

The characters set out north, leaving the Elves and Anasasi behind them, and following the trail of the orc warbands. On the morning of the fifth night, the awaken to the smell of fire and ruin. Venturing out from the woods, they come across the site of a massacred orc camp. The attack appears to have been perpetrated by Riders of Rohan during the night. None were spared.

A rainstorm and low mood drives the group back into woods, were they come upon wounded troll. The characters opt to spare the troll (and possibly themselves) and stealthily get away before the beast can find them.

After a days’ travel in the miserable cold, soaking rain, the characters happen upon a fortified manor in the woods – the home of Lord Ewynn von Schlaffenberg. The humans welcome the strange visitors with open arms,, providing the characters with much needed shelter and food.

The Lord returns from his ‘hunt’ with a captured woman – a filthy crone rumored to be a witch who has been hexing the livestock and crops of the Schlaffenberg manor. The woman is led off to the stockade and the residents and characters alike settle down for a feast.

While at dinner, Galdrieloas is disturbed to learn that the Lord’s boorish son, Jurgen von Schlaffenberg is single and looking to settle down. Before the Lord can formally arrange nuptials however, the dinner is broken by the sound of warning trumpets and cries that an orc warband approaches.



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