After the Ring: A Middle Earth Chronicle

Big Trouble in Little Schlaffenberg (Act I)
Angmar's Crown: Session IX

The characters set out north, leaving the Elves and Anasasi behind them, and following the trail of the orc warbands. On the morning of the fifth night, the awaken to the smell of fire and ruin. Venturing out from the woods, they come across the site of a massacred orc camp. The attack appears to have been perpetrated by Riders of Rohan during the night. None were spared.

A rainstorm and low mood drives the group back into woods, were they come upon wounded troll. The characters opt to spare the troll (and possibly themselves) and stealthily get away before the beast can find them.

After a days’ travel in the miserable cold, soaking rain, the characters happen upon a fortified manor in the woods – the home of Lord Ewynn von Schlaffenberg. The humans welcome the strange visitors with open arms,, providing the characters with much needed shelter and food.

The Lord returns from his ‘hunt’ with a captured woman – a filthy crone rumored to be a witch who has been hexing the livestock and crops of the Schlaffenberg manor. The woman is led off to the stockade and the residents and characters alike settle down for a feast.

While at dinner, Galdrieloas is disturbed to learn that the Lord’s boorish son, Jurgen von Schlaffenberg is single and looking to settle down. Before the Lord can formally arrange nuptials however, the dinner is broken by the sound of warning trumpets and cries that an orc warband approaches.

Elves & Spiders (Act III)
Angmar's Crown: Session VIII

With Luxuria and Invidia having successfully escaped into the darkness with their prone sister, the PCs opt to head to the swamp level (hoping to avoid bridge mishaps) and travel back up to King Khaldiun. Once arrived, they discover Luxuria and Invidia have beaten them there: and accused the characters of having plotted to assassinate them. Their story is given credibility by Invidia’s wounds and Minto’s ill-timed decision to don war paint.

Furious, King Khadiun demands that both his grandchildren and the characters remain in his home – and that the characters make an oath not to harm his grandchildren. He storms off in search of Superbia.

The characters take a gamble, and decide to sneak out of the King’s house in order to find incriminating evidence against the grandchildren.

Upon reaching Invida’s house, the characters uncover the clues they were hoping for: maps of the Anasai territory along with spider pheromones. Before they can return to King Khaldiun however, they are accosted by Acedia – who promptly shifts info a large half-crocodile and attacks them. Confounded by their earlier oaths to Khaldiun, Mento and Aranoir and rendered unable to attack the rampaging 8-foot tall beast. Rather than flee, Mento scales the crocs back and harries it while Gladrieloas desperately tries to hold the creature off. The fight ends abruptly when King Khaldiun returns, imprisons characters and kin alike and demanding an explanation.

Once having learned the true intentions of his grandchildren, King Khaldiun sets off for the Anasasi in order to make a personal apology. He is accompanied by the characters, who gain the respect of both King Khaldiun and Lilith alike.

After bin Khaldiun is freed, the characters are given gifts by King Khaldiun and offered information about a certain orc warband courtesy of Lilith. They make a few hasty farewells, and depart into the woods, once more in search of their quarry…

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Elves & Spiders (Act II)
Angmar's Crown: Session VII

Having crossed into the Bight Swamp of MIrkwood, the adventurers are immediately met by two of the grandchildren of King Khalduin, Lord of the Bight. After convincing the elves that they have information as to the whereabouts of Prince bin Khalduin, they are led to an audience with King Khalduin, who is weary of his guests, but nevertheless allows them to stay.

During the following day and evening, the adventurers begin interviewing King Khalduin’s grandchildren in the hope of finding out who killed Lilith and Drusilla’s sister. After receiving conflicting stories, the adventurers resolve that they must either side with the elves of the Bight in an all-out war against the Anasasi, or somehow convince King Khalduin of his son’s guilt.

Returning to their cottage high in the swamp willows, they are met by Superbia, who tearfully recounts to the PCs a plot by her brothers and sisters to have bin Khalduin killed and to seize the throne of the Bight for themselves. Tailing Superbia back to her home, the Gladrieolas thwarts what appears to be an attempt by Luxuria and Invidia to murder Superbia. Gladrieolas narrowly escapes a plummeting death from the high willows, while Minto manages to wound Invidia – and gain her ire.

The adventure ends with Luxuria and Invidia escaping with a prone Superbia into the darkness, and the PCs now faced with a new crisis.

Elves & Spiders (Act I)
Angmar's Crown: Session VI

Having stepped through the Mordor portal under the rather dubious behest of Menor, Minto, Gladrieolas, and Arnoir find themselves in a dry, web-ladden cave. Upon emerging, the three discover that they are in a forest of redwoods – all of which have been bound together in a vast architecture of silk.

The characters begin to cautiously explode their new environs, and in the process free a elf captive by the name of bin Khaluin. He informs the group that he was sent by his father, King Khalduin of the Bight Swamp as an emissary to negotiate with the were-spiders, known more commonly as Anasasi. Although his initial foray to the Palace of Silk seemed promising, his mission (and life) were put in jeopardy by the sudden murder of one of the three Anasasi leaders and triplet sister to Lilith and Drusilla.

Further conversation is cut short by the appearance of the Anasasi and a some legion of spiders and spider kin. The characters manage to convince Lilith and Drusilla of their positive intent and the former two confirm much of bin Khalduin’s story. Granted permission o view the weapons used to slay the Anasasia, the adventurers reckon the weapons to be of a crude, but nevertheless elfish manufacture.


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