After the Ring: A Middle Earth Chronicle

Elves & Spiders (Act III)

Angmar's Crown: Session VIII

With Luxuria and Invidia having successfully escaped into the darkness with their prone sister, the PCs opt to head to the swamp level (hoping to avoid bridge mishaps) and travel back up to King Khaldiun. Once arrived, they discover Luxuria and Invidia have beaten them there: and accused the characters of having plotted to assassinate them. Their story is given credibility by Invidia’s wounds and Minto’s ill-timed decision to don war paint.

Furious, King Khadiun demands that both his grandchildren and the characters remain in his home – and that the characters make an oath not to harm his grandchildren. He storms off in search of Superbia.

The characters take a gamble, and decide to sneak out of the King’s house in order to find incriminating evidence against the grandchildren.

Upon reaching Invida’s house, the characters uncover the clues they were hoping for: maps of the Anasai territory along with spider pheromones. Before they can return to King Khaldiun however, they are accosted by Acedia – who promptly shifts info a large half-crocodile and attacks them. Confounded by their earlier oaths to Khaldiun, Mento and Aranoir and rendered unable to attack the rampaging 8-foot tall beast. Rather than flee, Mento scales the crocs back and harries it while Gladrieloas desperately tries to hold the creature off. The fight ends abruptly when King Khaldiun returns, imprisons characters and kin alike and demanding an explanation.

Once having learned the true intentions of his grandchildren, King Khaldiun sets off for the Anasasi in order to make a personal apology. He is accompanied by the characters, who gain the respect of both King Khaldiun and Lilith alike.

After bin Khaldiun is freed, the characters are given gifts by King Khaldiun and offered information about a certain orc warband courtesy of Lilith. They make a few hasty farewells, and depart into the woods, once more in search of their quarry…



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