After the Ring: A Middle Earth Chronicle

Elves & Spiders (Act I)

Angmar's Crown: Session VI

Having stepped through the Mordor portal under the rather dubious behest of Menor, Minto, Gladrieolas, and Arnoir find themselves in a dry, web-ladden cave. Upon emerging, the three discover that they are in a forest of redwoods – all of which have been bound together in a vast architecture of silk.

The characters begin to cautiously explode their new environs, and in the process free a elf captive by the name of bin Khaluin. He informs the group that he was sent by his father, King Khalduin of the Bight Swamp as an emissary to negotiate with the were-spiders, known more commonly as Anasasi. Although his initial foray to the Palace of Silk seemed promising, his mission (and life) were put in jeopardy by the sudden murder of one of the three Anasasi leaders and triplet sister to Lilith and Drusilla.

Further conversation is cut short by the appearance of the Anasasi and a some legion of spiders and spider kin. The characters manage to convince Lilith and Drusilla of their positive intent and the former two confirm much of bin Khalduin’s story. Granted permission o view the weapons used to slay the Anasasia, the adventurers reckon the weapons to be of a crude, but nevertheless elfish manufacture.



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