Welcome to After the Ring!

Set in Middle Earth just ten years after the conclusion of the Lord of the Rings saga, After the Ring builds upon many of the events and happenings of the Tolkien trilogy, while adding a variety of new twists and themes of its own.

With Sauron defeated and the armies of Mordor all but destroyed, King Aragon I has set himself to the task of uniting all men under one banner, of rebuilding Gondor, and of exterminating all traces of orc once and for all from Middle Earth. As part of this ambitious vision, Aragon has called upon the races of Middle Earth to send delegates to once again form a Fellowship of skilled adventurers; whose goal this time is a capture one of the last remaining Mordor weapons known: the Witch King of Angmar’s Crown.

Despite high spirits and initial goodwill, the adventures soon learn that the defeat of Sauron has hardly signaled and end to the problems faced by the peoples of Middle Earth. Old rivalries between factions and races remain, the human and elvish study of magic has been greatly tested by the loss of skilled practitioners such as Gandalf the White, Elrond of Rivendale and Galadriel, and the insular dwarves must face the grim possibility of extinction as they try to rebuild entire kingdoms with handfuls of scattered clansmen.

All the while, things gather in the dark. And some things that should not have been forgotten… are beginning to stir.

After the Ring: A Middle Earth Chronicle